Sunday, August 22, 2010

ID Theft

I've been the victim of ID theft!

That's right. During my last walk, my ID disappeared.

Being an active dog, I've snapped off 4 dog ID tags so far, including the wonderful Saint Francis metal tag that granny adored.

The site offers personalized dog collars. If you already have a collar, they offer personalized dog ID plates that you can rivet (or slip on) an existing collar.

Personalized dog collars

Friday, August 6, 2010

Level Headed

If you want me to bark out the truth. Quite frankly, I think dogs are more level-headed than humans.

Why, my head is at the same level as my rump and my head is quite flat with a well proportioned pointy snout. my human is all tall with his head several feet over his rump.

It takes a lot of extra energy to pump blood up to those human brains, which could explain why dogs made more sense than humans.

Of course, if one takes this type of thinking to its extreme, one might falsely conclude that snakes must be smarter than dogs ... which is just plain silly. First snakes spend much of their day in coils where their heads are far above their rattly tails.

Some might compare cats and dogs.

At first glance cats might appear to be as level headed as dogs because their rumps are on the same level as their whiskers. But cats get up on counters and climb trees.

Cars are clearly up to no good when they climb trees like they do, and should be barked at.

My name is Coco. I am a level-headed dog.

Textually Confused

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