Sunday, August 10, 2014

More on the Inequities of Life

It's not fair!

My humans are always stuffing their fat faces. I've sat by patiently watching as they spend hours preparing food. They've been known to take more than an hour sitting in a circle eating food.

I am just a sweet innocent little doggie who has never done any harm to anyone who happens to love eating as much as the next critter.

But as I watch my humans spend hours upon hours hoarding over their food I cannot help but think of the injustice of it all.

The humans might spend as much as two hours on their eating.

I consume my morning kibble bowl in under twenty seconds and my evening bowl in the same time.

If I am lucky I might get to snatch a few treats flying through the air. But it takes under a second to snarf down a treat.

Now, here is what I am getting at. My humans get over an hour or more working on food. Me, the sweet innocent little doggies only gets about a minute of eating.

Now, I happen to love food. I really do. I love food.

Now, just think of the injustice. I get under a minute a day for my food. That's twenty seconds in the morning, twenty seconds in the evening and a second a piece for snack size treats.

My humans log over an hour a day preparing and eating their food.

Clearly, there is an injustice here.