Monday, July 16, 2012

Dog Obesity

An article in the paper today said that a third of the dogs in Salt Lake City are obese.

I am a doggy who just happens to live in Salt Lake. Realizing the article would cause concern with my adoring public, I felt obliged to log in and blog about my health.

This little brown doggy does not number among the doggies who are obese. For that matter, I actually subsist on the border of starvation.

This is because my my humans are greedy and lazy. They want to keep all the food for themselves and carefully measure out my scant morsels giving me the absolute minimum of food to avoid a call from ASPCA.

If not for my snatching scraps off the table and eating grass. I am quite certain I would have died by now.

When living on minimal rations, missing a meal is a pain beyond recognition. I can't tell you how many times my humans simply forgot to feed me, but I am sure it is quite often.

I thank my adoring audience for concern over my weight. This doggy is not overweight. I am as light as a feather and fly like the wind.