Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Belated Happy Saint Patick's Day

I've been remiss in by blog posting duties.

Saint Patrick's Day is one of the most important holidays in the human tradition that comes around once every seven dog years. My humans celebrate the event by dining on corned beef and cabbage.

I am not all that sure about cabbage. It doesn't smell like food to this little doggie, but Corned Beef ... now that is something that is fall of the bone yummy.

The way my humans like to eat corned beef is in carefully cut slices with just a dollop of mustard and horse radish sauce on the side.

I like to eat corned beef by waiting until the human walks out of the room to get a can, pulling the corned beef straight off the platter on the counter and eating the large chunk of corned beef on the floor in a 30 second snarf fest.

Yep, snarfing two pounds of meat in 30 seconds is the best way to eat any meal.

Speaking of humans. My humans are exceedingly cruel beings who drag innocent little doggies across the room make the little innocent doggie who has never done any harm to anyone look at the empty platter on the floor as if the doggie should feel some deep seated guilt by looking at a empty platter.

I am thinking of calling ASPCA because what they did to me was cruel.

But it is the season of Saint Patrick's and the spirit of the Irish has filled this doggy with happiness ... despite the cruelty of my humans. I am feeling satiated and full and will simply sit here and enjoy the season.

My name is Coco. I am a good doggie ... a good and very full doggie.