Sunday, April 8, 2012


There's been reports of missing cats in the neighborhood ... so animal services has been rounding up all the usual suspect.

Being an innocent little brown doggie, I realized that I needed to get some legal advise.

So I put together a legal defense team.

Our first tact in defending canines against accusations of catricide was to argue that catricide is not murder, but a public service.

Of course, Obama's been putting all sorts of cat-lovers on the bench. If you get a cat-lover on the bench or in a jury, you can kiss your sweet tail goodbye.

So, I came up with a new line of legal defense. Here goes:

"This little doggie is a natural doggie; Therefore, the cat died of natural causes."

In the human legal system a person is considered "Innocent until proven guilty."

In the dog world the law is: "A dog is innocent. Period. I mean, just look at those big innocent eyes. That doggie is innocent. Period."

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