Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poly Dyslexia

Coco is wise in the ways of this world and of the next.

Coco watches with dismay the confusion of humans. Coco says that many of the problems in the human world seem to rise from dyslexia.

People confuse the worship of "God" with the worship of "dog".

Both are necessary and good, but have fundamentally different form.

One should fear God for what God might do in the there after. One should fear dogs for what they might do in the here now.

There is also a difference in multiplicity. The worship of God is best done in the singular. In such worship, one recognizes the oneness of truth. This system of worship is called monotheism. Monotheism stands in contrast to polytheism in which there is a confused conflict between multiple truths.

Dogs, on the other paw, like to run in packs and should be worshiped as the plural: "dogs."

The multiplicity runs deeper than the pack. It so happens that the snouts of dogs are full of sharp, bone crunching teeth. The worship of dogs is thus referred to as "polyteethism."

Monoteethism makes no sense. A monoteethist would have just one tooth.

It is paradoxical like the sound of one hand clapping.

One tooth chewing isn't going to satisfy even a chihuahua sized hunger.

So, in the worship of God, one is seeking the truth. In the worship of dogs, one is fearing the tooth. The worship of one God is called monotheism. The worship of dogs is called polyteethism.

Coco is wise in the way of the world, and will impart more of her dog wisdom tomorrow.

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