Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Yellow Balloon

© big yellow balloonI was having a really fun time with the new frisbee on my walk today. This new frisbee does this cool thing where it hangs in the air just a bit.

I have to jump really high to fetch it.

During one of my jumps, I saw a really funny thing.

It was a yellow mylar balloon with a happy face floating about 80 feet above the field. The balloon was bobbing back and forth. It looked like a big yellow human head just bobbing in the wind.

I realized that it was too high to fetch; So, I went back to the frisbee.

My human stood their mesmerized by the balloon. He watched the balloon float by and asked me questions like: "How high is that balloon?" or "How fast is it going?"

I always have a hard time translating dog units of measure to human units of measure and couldn't answer (although I knew the answer).

He watched as the balloon flew toward the northern side of Neff Canyon. He wondered if the balloon would just crash into the mountain wall. The balloon got really super tiny as it approach the mountain wall. It looked for a moment like the balloon would just land on the mountainside. The suddenly it caught an up draft and shot several thousand feet into the air and flew over the Wasatch Mountains.

It was a clear day, and my human stood there for like a half hour just watching the balloon.

As for me. I took a break from balloon watching and found a patch of eating grass.

It is sad. My humans just don't feed me enough and my empty ribs spend most of the day echoing with hunger. Sadly, the small amount of energy that I can eke out of a blade of grass is all that stands between this dog and starvation.

Starvation! I tell you.

After the spectacle, we talked about mylar balloons and speculated on where it would end up. We wondered how long will it be until the whole world is covered with lost mylar balloons. We spoke of the tragedy suffered when a person lets go of a balloon and it is gone forever.

The human thinks it will end up in the High Uinta Wilderness area. I think it will float all the way across the continent and land in the Atlantic where it will be swallowed by a whale.

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