Monday, March 2, 2009

Forests and Trees

I don't know what it was with my human today.

We went on a walk. I was really frustrated about the stock market. So, when I found a stick I really chewed at it.

My human seemed to disapprove and took the stick away, as if humans had the right to disapprove of a dog's actions.

The human wanted me to walk without a stick for a bit. But, I wanted a stick and grabbed the trunk of a sapling. Just as I was starting to tug the roots from the ground, my human grabbed my neck and put on my leash.

I was all growly and frustrated to be treated like this. What does he think I am?

Anyway, we then did the rest of the walk.

Everytime I would pull on my leash, the human would simply stop.

Finally the human stopped for a long pause. During the pause, the human told me to "relax and enjoy the forest. Isn't it a beautiful forest?"

I said: "I can't see the forest. There is a bunch of trees in the way. A doggie should come through here and rip up all of the trees by the root, so that we could see the forest."

My human was then mean and did the rest of the walk with the lease on. It was not until we got to the open field that the human undid the leash so that I could do some running.

This was a frustrating walk, and I really need to sit in the sunny part of the house and chew a bone for awhile.

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