Friday, February 27, 2009

The Puppy Simulus Package

The doggie community is extremely worried about the impending economic collapse.

There's been a great deal of bark in the dog park about ways to stimulate the economy.

Humans have a strange plan where they intend to stop a credit crisis by borrowing and spending. This is as silly as putting pork in the spending bill.

The doggies have a better plan. We plan to stimulate the economy by producing extremely large numbers of puppies.

Puppies stimulate the economy in a number of creative ways. Well, most of the ways involve the fact that puppies run around all over the place and have really sharp teeth.

For example, after a pack of humans takes on a new puppy, it is likely that the humans will need to get a new couch, a new carpet, and will to replace chewed up pairs of glasses, shoelaces, books and other things sitting around the house.

Puppies also consume prodigious amounts of kibbles. Our eating bags and bags of kibbles produce jobs at the kibble making factory.

In a direct way, puppies stimulate the economy by needing multiple walks a day and expensive visits to the vet.

Speaking of vets: if you take your puppy to the vet; don't let the vet talk you into "fixing" your puppy. Fixing pets interferes with our plans to create billions of puppies. We can only stimulate the economy if every puppy is at its reproductive best.

Anyway, that's the doggie plan.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in this blog are those of a dog. The opinion of Coco's human is that animals are often the first to suffer in an economic downturn; so it is more important than ever to spay and neuter. We want all doggies to have a full bowl of kibbles.

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