Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fashion Scents

© woman walking dog photoHumans have an odd sense of fashion.

Dogs do it better. As dogs are wise, we simply choose one outfit at birth. That outfit will pretty much last us through our entire lives. Best of all, we will always look great.

Humans, on the other hand, look silly when naked. Consequently, humans spend a great deal of effort trying to cover up their inherent deficiencies by spending gobs and gobs on clothes. Despite their effort, they never achieve the natural balance that comes with being a dog.

Speaking of balance, one of the strangest fashions devised by humans is a torture device called the spiked heel.

Spiked heels are these long claw like things on the heels of certain women's shoes. They really mess up the human's balance. The bark in the dog park is that when women wear these devices, the dog need simply give a tug on the leash and the human will be splayed on the ground.

Spiked heels are silly.

Personally, I prefer spiked toes.

With spiked toes I have traction on ice. The spiked toes lets me quickly change direction on grass or snow so that I can always catch the frisbee.

I love playing frisbee.

Spiked toes are really useful when walking through a stream, or scrambling up a hill. They also make a really unique clickity-click sound when I walk on the pavement between the dog park and house.

Having spike toes means I leave very disctinctive paw prints.

My money grubbing human asked me to point out that The Naturalizer and The Walking Company are stores that sell comfortable walking shoes!

In conclusion. Spiked heels are foolish. Spiked toes are wise. Coco is noted for her wisdom.

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