Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On Pork in the Spending Bill

Coco is wise. She knows that the secret to wealth is to make wise use of one's resources.

For this reason, Coco is extremely distraught at all of the pork going into the spending bill.

Coco says that the pork going into these bills is a wanton waste of perfectly good pork.

She points out that most of the creatures that have bills are vegetarians, or, in the case of pelicans, fish eaters. The picture to the right is a sample of the strange things that have bills.

Coco further notes that the creatures with bills can fly about and are really difficult to catch.

As such, Coco figures that they can take care of themselves.

In conclusion, the pork going into bills should be going into snouts. In doggie snouts, the pork would be put to good use to keep tails wagging and to help appease the unending, unrelenting, gnawing hunger that defines life as a dog.

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