Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enhanced Performance

Coco is wise. She says that exercise is important; However, there is merit in taking time out to watch the top athletes in the field; So, she instructed her human to cut her walk short, open a beer and watch The Puppy Bowl.

This year's Puppy Bowl featured a Halftime Kitty Show.

Coco says that the bark at the Tailgate party was that there were some strange smells coming from the kitty litter box just before the game.

The puppies fear that the kitties may have gotten into that funky weed before the game.

Yep, the Puppy Bowl may be rocked by a catnip scandal.

The shame. The shame. The shame.

The pet world is reliving the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction."

Coco Says: "Just look at the way that the kitties swat at those balls on a string! They have to be on something!"

Below are highlights from Puppy Bowl IV. (You can buy the DVD at Discovery Channel Store.)

Coco's human keeps switching the channel to watch a human knock off of the puppy bowl. Someone needs to go out and design a remote control for paws.

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