Friday, July 3, 2009

Common Scents

Glenn Beck has a super-duper best seller called Common Sense. My human says he will give me treat if anyone buys the book through his overstock link.

I do all sorts of demeaning things for treats.

It is embarrassing.

Anyway, Glenn Beck has some sort of "Power to the people" thing going with his book and TV show. Mr. Beck simply believes that the free market is the best way to give real substantive power to the people.

I don't know about this Beck character. I am, after all, a dog. My primary concern is the dog world.

In the dog world we don't use Common Sense. Instead, dogs have common areas where we make scents. This approach is called "common scents."

For examnple, we might select a power pole in the dog park. Each time a dog passes the power pole, the dogs will leave a scent mark. This way all of the dogs can find out what's going on just by sniffing around the pole.

It is kind of like blogging, but without a keyboard.

Anyway, Glen Beck says "Power to the People." To find out what the dogs say read the post on sloganeering.

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