Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pirates We Be

Arrrggg. Pirates we be.

My human with her patched eye and me with my peg paw are ready to seek adventure on the fabled seas of Labrador.

If only we had a cockatiel. A cockateil could eat the pages of the books on the shelves as we pirates of the Internet peddled our ideas.

BTW: My human made it home from the cataract surgery and is currently sleeping.

I wanted to go with my human to the surgery. I thought I could sit patiently by my human during the surgery.

A dog can be great help in surgery. For example, I could give the doctor a gentle nudge of encouragement as he starts the incision, or jump up and down on the nurses leg to make sure she passes the right scapel.

The AMA disapproves of dogs in the operating room for some reason that this dog has never understood.

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