Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reluctant Seeing Eye Dog

This is scary.

My primary human is going under the knife today for cataract surgery. It is scary because if the doctor sneezes at the wrong time, then yours truly will be pressed into service as a seeing-eye-dog.

Seeing-eye-dogs are among the hardest workers of the canine family. Such dogs not only have to worry about themselves, but about the humans in the lead.

A good seeing-eye-dog spends their day fetching items for the blind human (fetching sounds fun … but blind people don't throw the Frisbee all that far, and my favorite part of fetch is running with abandon).

The hardest part of being a seeing-eye-dog is that dog is no longer free to aimlessly follow the intriguing smells that nature offers.

As a chocolate lab, I am partial to jumping into freezing cold ponds in the dead of winter. Were I pressed into service as a seeing-eye-dog, I would get demerits for leading my human into a freezing cold pond.

Hoping to avoid service as a seeing-eye-dog, I ask my readers to give their doggie prayers for a successful operation.

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