Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Walk Ruined

I wish you knew how much my afternoon walk means to me.

It is the absolute highlight of my day. A dog day is the equivalent to a whole human week!

Anyway, my doltish human is often inattentive (or dare I say neglectful) on our walks.

Today was shaping up to be a great walk. We had just completed the first frisbee fetch and looking forward to a series of fetches when, out of the blue, somebody came and peed on the frisbee.

I have my suspensions about who to blame, but I am not going to name names.

I remember clearly that I had the frisbee firmly in my snout. I dropped it. The next thing I knww was that my human was there holding a peed covered frisbee while making really strange faces and noises.

The frisbee was clearly not in my possession at the time of the crime. I had dropped it (the drop is oh so difficult).

I also have an air tight alibi.

I was off taking a tinkle.

My human was the only other large mammal at the dog park at the moment. I am really sorry, but all of the evidence (and lack of alibi) seem to point toward the human.

Anyway, the walk wasn't all that fun. My frisbee smalled like someone had peed on it ... so I ran off and dug up moles.

This being Good Friday, I will forgive my human the transgression. I hope that he improves his dog walking skills for future walks.

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