Friday, April 3, 2009

I am Horsing Around, of course

A cowboy and his faithful dog were taking a walk on the far side of the pasture when they came across a genie tangled up in the barbed wire.

The genie was in a really bad bind, and it took the cowboy and faithful dog several hours of work to get the genie untangled.

They finished just as dusk was turning into a dark moonless night.

In gratitude for the show of western hospitality, the genie said that he could grant a wish to both the cowboy and dog. The genie turned to the cowboy first and asked: "Brave cowboy, what reward can I give you for your kindness?"

The cowboy thought of the long walk back to the ranch and, without hesitation, said: "I'd like a horse, of course."

A gallant bridled steed appeared. The cowboy jumped onto the saddle and rode off into the sunset.

The genie then turned toward the dog and asked: "What gift can I give you?"

The dog thought of the relentless hunger that gnawed at its ribs and promptly said: "I'd like a course of horse!"

picture of a horse

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