Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Scheme of Things

I am distraught.

I just discovered that, in the scheme of things, a little 12 pound baby human scores several notches above a cute brown 40 pound dog.

My chair, my food bowl, my water bowl were pushed aside to make a comfy space for the little human. When I was introduced to the human pup, the big humans held me back so that I couldn't even get a good sniff of the pup.

They then locked me out of the room.

Can you believe that?

I gave my best whine, but got zero sympathy.

The picture to the right is a stock photo.

I had my human take a picture of the human pup, but the humans would not give me permission to upload the picture of the real baby on my blog.

It's censorship, I tell you.

This whole class distinction between human babies and doggies has me unnerved.

I feel like standing on the porch and barking loudly for no apparent reason.

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