Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Photos

As mentioned in the last post, I was separated from my biological mom at birth.

Being a wonderful creature at heart, I decided to take granny on a walk up Neff Canyon. I placed several photos of our adventure below.

There is water in Neffs during the Spring.

I worry alot about my dainty little paws getting wet when I come across water. When I get wet, I end up tracking mud and dirt in the car and take on a strange odor.

When I come to a stream, there is often a full 1/328th of a second where I consider the consequences of getting wet before diving in the water.

I've noticed that my humans seem to have a harder time accepting the inevitable that wetness happens. Here is a shot of Granny trying to keep her toes from getting wet.

Anyway, I put a few pictures from the walk below. There are also some pictures for flowers from granny's garden.

Coco With a Stick TulipsPoorly Designed StickCoco and StickWaterleafButtercup

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