Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sleep Problems

I have to apologize for the lack of posts.

I've been suffering from some really wicked sleep problems of late.

My sleep problems have to do with these large pink things that inhabit my house.

Anyway, my house has sections of brown carpet. I happen to be a brown dog. I really like sleeping on the brown carpet because I blend in and feel safe.

So, I will be sleeping contently on the brown carpet in the door way. Invariably, one of the oafish pink humans will stumble along, trip over me, wake me up and ruin my sleep.

I am not sure if other dogs have as many problems with their humans as I have with mine. Humans are just so unpredictable that it is all but imppossible to get in a really good sleep.

Even worse. I will be sleeping comfortably in my chair. The big fat human will actually come and pick me up. Put me on the floor and sit in the chair.

I try sleeping during the day, but the little piece of sun I like to sleep in keeps moving. So every hour or so I have to get up to move back into the sun.

It is hard work being a dog.

I've had so many nights of sleep ruined by the humans that I am at wit's end.

I've started wondering if there was a medicine that could help with the sleep problems. I would appreciate advice on medicine to take for my sleep problems and, of course, I would appreciate advice on tricks to get the humans to take the medicine.

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