Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Custody of Dexter

The doggie world has been following the custody battle over Dexter the Pug and applaud the landmark ruling in NJ that essentially establishes dog custody a separate specialty of law.

Doggies are remarkably open minded. We realize that all humans yearn for the special joy that can only come with the companionship of a puppy.

To date, the strategy of the doggie world has simpy been to breed as rapidly as possible. Our goal has bee to give the joys of puppy companionship to as many humans as possible.

Unfortunately, humans are a bit doltish. It takes your average human a great deal of time and effort to figure out simply tasks like how to feed us, where we like being rubbed and how to toss the Frisbee.

I've spent days teaching my human how to throw the Frisbee, and still he messes up every third toss!

A well trained human is a valuable thing.

With this ruling, the poppies are hoping that we can keep the well trained humans together with the dog that trained them.

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