Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dining on Bison

Today's kibble bowl was topped with bison from WholeFoods. There is a nationwide boycott of WholeFoods because WholeFoods is using Health Savings Accounts instead of insurance. Progressives are opposed to this practice and believe strongly that funding for health care should come from insurance companies.

My human is a contrarian in that he supports an idea called The Medical Savings and Loan which would do away with insurance for most health expenses. Of course, if people self funded their health care, the system would become much more efficient and there would be less money for corporate moguls and progressive politicians. So, I can see why Democrats are so solidly opposed to self-funded care.

The problem with WholeFoods, of course, is that the food is awfully exspenive. My humans gave me only a little taste of the meat.

Since the meat sits on the shelf for several days, it was necessary to cook it.

Personally, I prefer my bison raw ... fresh off the kill ... with all the dogs in the pack eating their weight in meat ... growling and yipping at each other in the process.

Unfortunately, my pack of humans is a bit slow. There is no way that we could chase down a bison. As the only one with four paws, I would be forced to do all the work.

It's a dog's life and sometimes we just have to eat what is in the kibble bowl put before us.

Dining on Bison

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