Sunday, August 2, 2009

Handling Pesky Hairballs

My human has his knickers in a knot over this health care thing.

It is affecting me, the dog, because he cut my walk short to twitter on the issue.

His take is that the problem in healthcare goes deeper than the government v. private insurance spat which dominates the media. He believes the problem comes from people surrendering the funding of their care to third parties.

My human advocates an idea called a Medical Savings and Loan. This program adds an interest free loan to a medical savings account. My human says the MS&L gives people ability to fund their own healthcare needs with great leeway.

BTW, my human gave me a treat for mentioning his site.

Personally I see no problem with having groups relinquish their care to third parties.

I, myself, have been a strong advocate of having cats relinquish their care to dogs.

I've received a great deal of acclaim in the dog park for my Public Service Announcements regarding cat health. Those claws of theirs cause all sorts of problems and should be removed.

So, while on the subject of health care, I thought I would bring up other important cat health issues.

Felines, as they are known among scientifically inclined dogs, have a narcissistic preoccupation with grooming. This grooming obsession leads to a health conditional called hairballs.

Cats spend all day sitting there all snooty and catlike licking themselves. This excessive preoccupation with grooming clearly shows that cats don't have the proper perspective to be charged with their care.

Dogs have a transcendental perspective which means that they are better positioned to know what is good for the kitties. They can see cats for what they really are ... the little hairballs.

A minor case of hairballs results in coughing or hacking. Serious cases can lead to serious digestive problems or even death.

As an objective third party who sees what is best for kitties, I find that the best way of treating those pesky little hairballs is a simple procedure called spaying or neutering. Yes, we could get rid of our hairball problems once and for all if we simply spayed all the cats.

Anyway, this is my post of the day. I hope that I have convinced my readers that an objective third party is often in a better position to determine the good for a population than the population itself.

My human is foolish in his disagreement with the direction of health care. Just as dogs are positioned to know what is best for cats, the federal government is best positioned to know what is good for individual people.

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