Thursday, August 6, 2009

Disinformation Tsar

I am distraught. I suspect that my human reported my blog to the Disinformation Tsar (Linda Douglas

This administration official has asked all patriotic Americans to report discussions of healthcare that are not lock-in-step with official policy to the White House.

Sadly, my weak-kneed human is just the type of creature that would report a member of the pack to authorities.

First of all, it is disheartening for a dog to learn that its human is a snitch. Secondly, I wish to point out that I am not providing disinformation but simply discussing health care from the canine perspective.

Canines have a long history of a leadership position in providing health care. It is a fact that, in a valley with a healthy wolf population, you will find no sick or straggling deer.

Wolves (and other canines) have helped countless herds of game animals stay alert and in top condition through rigorous running workouts.

Dogs have great wisdom that should be heard.

Now, I realize that there would be no challenge in chasing down sick or straggling humans. Thus, humans need a different form of health care. But wisdome from dogs is beneficial.

I am taking the time to impart the dog view of healthcare because I realize that President Obama does not have the time necessary to evolve another species to start waiting on humans hand and foot.

Dogs evolved humans to take care of dogs. It would be all freaky if humans tried to evolve a different species to take care of them.

Regardless. My blog is imparting quality information about health care reform ... not disinformation.

My guess is that my poor weak-minded human has, once again, fallen under the influence of cats.

Cats have been upset that many of my health care proposals conclude with the suggestion that we spay and neuter cats.

What's wrong with that?

It's for their own good.

Once again, I wish to emphasize that my position on spaying and neutering cats isn't disinformation. It is quality information. It is the change that we need.

BTW: If we were going to get all huffy on the issue of which dissidents should be reported to the authorities; I am tempted to point out that my human has been engaged in disruptive activity by promoting a free market form of health care reform called The Medical Savings and Loan.

His radical notion is that the best way to optimize health care is to design a system where health care resources followed the lifecycle of the individual.

If we dug down to the bone; I think one could conclude that my human is much more a radical dissident than I. If anyone needed reporting; it is the human, and not the dog.

But, guess what?

Dogs don't snitch.

It is a little thing that us pooches call loyalty.

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