Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lessons from a Lost Puppy

Sad but true: I was once a lost puppy.

My first human wasn't quite ready for a puppy when I showed up at his den. So, I was in a less than secure location. One November day, while my human was at work, it started getting all snowy and cold.

This was my first snow storm and I was all worried. Not knowing what to do about the snow, I squiggled out of my container and set forth on the city streets.

I wandered around for a long time and got all shivery and cold. Finally I spied a kind looking human walking along the street. I followed this new human to a den with a cozy looking porch.

I looked at the human with my big brown puppy eyes and commanded the human to give me food and to let me share the den for the night.

This quick thinking got me through the snow storm.

When I woke up the next day, I discovered that everything was covered in white and I couldn't find my paw tracks back to my first den.

To make matters worse, I realized that I left my collar with my ID at my first den. (I keep my ID on a dog tag hanging from my collar).

It was horrible. These new humans didn't even know that my name was Coco. They just called me "dog."

There was no way back to my first human. As humans are lost and alone without their dog, I knew the poor guy would be in dire straights.

Now, I had heard other doggies talking about wonderful little mircrochips that can ID a lost puppy.

I instructed this new set of humans to take me to a vet to get me scanned.

Us dogs have things arranged so that humans pay to get the chip implanted. People who find lost puppies can get the lost puppy scanned for free.

Alas, I did not have a chip.

After much frantic pacing back and forth, this lost puppy made the bold decision to ask the new humans to be my servants.

Several days after my new humans agreed to take care of me, we did find my first human. His name is Doug. Doug told my new humans that my name was "Coco."

My lost puppy story worked out okay. But, since good dog loving humans are a scarce commodity, some lost puppies get lost and never find a good warm den to call their own again.

Realizing my propensity to wander, my new humans had a chip implanted in me. That way I could get found again.

Anyway, below is a video by FetchDog (on online Pet Store) for the Home Again pet MicroChip program. It shows the simple process of getting a MicroChip for your dog.

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