Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Four Legged Awkward Human

It was the funniest thing ever.

My human has a contract that says he must walk the dog three times a day. Each walk must be at least a half hour in length. Preferrably the walks should be two hours and involve a Frisbee.

Anyway, my human does not stick with the contract and I have to growl at him and bite at his kneecaps to remind him of his duty.

So, I was working on my human to get him to go on a walk.

Instead of putting on his regular shoes, he put on some strange looking black boots with stiff ankles. He then grabbed two blue poles and two really long green planks.

He put them in the car and drove to my running park.

He had a hard time driving because of the awkward boots.

My running field is covered with snow this time of year.

My human then attached the two long green planks to his boots. He used the two poles as if they were front paws.

You have to imagine this. My human was using the green planks as if they were back paws, and was using the long blue poles as if they were front paws. My guess is that he thought his artificial paws might make him and quick and nimbl as a puppy.

It was all really exciting so I jumped up and down uncontrollably.

Well, you can guess what happened next. He slid out in the running field and, sure enough, he immediately fell over.

It was very funny. I jumped up and down on top of him in dog laughter.

My human skooted around the playing field in big wide circles.

Some time he would skoot up the hill and come sliding down.

Often his attempts to slide down would end up in a fall.

I would jump up and down on him each time he fell.

Some times I would run and throw my weight against him to see if I could force a fall. I rarely succeeded.

One time he did this fall where the two planks on his feet V'ed out from under him and he fell into the snow face first ... his feet attached to the boards like hinges.

Watching my human on wooden planks falling over was extremely funny. It is interesting though that humans can use really long poles as if they were front paws.

PS: I wish all the doggies and their humans a Happy New Year.

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