Friday, June 5, 2009

Amber Alert!

a cat takes coco hostageHello, I am Coco ... the dog.

I am issuing an Amber Alert.

I was on an innocent walk with my humans when I was dognabbed and secreted away to a nondescript location in the center of town.

Cats are involved.

I repeat.

Cats are involved.

If you find me; Please save me.

I am a dark amber color (chocolate if you like). I wear a collar with the name "Coco."

I was tempted to say I answer to the name "Coco." I find that answering to a call from a human gives them too much power. If I did answer to a name, it would be "Coco."

My time at the computer is limited.

This is a doggie amber alert! I was last seen on State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I knew the cats were up to something. They get up in those trees and. It is all so terribly scary.

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