Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coco On Canine Care

Coco is intrigued with the health care debate.

Coco says that doggies solved their health care problems millennia ago when the dogs decided to evolve humans as servants.

Sadly, no health care plan is perfect. For example, there are some malformed humans—like Michael Vicks—who do more harm to dogs than good.

Even worse, dogs have problems with freeloading cats. Cats know a good thing when they see it and have been trying to hem in on doggie care.

Despite the malformed humans and the troubles with cats, doggies are pretty happy with their decision to evolve humans.

Unfortunately, the system of evolving a lesser species as health care providers can only work once.

Systems where servants have servants rarely pan through.

There can only be one master species.

That master species is the dog.

Coco also questions whether humans have the native intelligence to evolve another species.

As doggie-care won't work for humans, Coco suggests that humans look to other members of the canine family for health care ideas.

It just so happens that wolves are among the best health care providers on the planet.

Wolves are charged with maintaining the health of deer, sheep and other large prey animals.

The wolves do their job well. One cannot help but notice that, when there are healthy wolves in the valley, there are no weak deer.

Wolves believe in a proactive approach to deer health care. The wolves encourage deer to run on a regular basis. They also award those deer most attentive to their surroundings with longer life.

Coco notes that wolf care is surprisingly similar to hospital care.

A talking point of the current health care debate is that biggest chunk of doctor expenses come at the end of life.

It turns out that wolves are most involved in the health care of deer in the final moments of a deer's life.

Just as it is common for humans to part this earth surrounded by doctors, it is common for deer to part this earth surrounded by a pack of wolves.

The parallels between doctors and wolves are uncanny.

Coco has heard the wolves howling at night. Wolves would be more than willing to help humans with their health care challenges. Wolves howl "If you charged the wolves with your health care, we could cull the human herd of its weak and feeble."

Unfortunately, there are all sorts of artificial barriers to wolf care. Human communities seem to be rife with walls, doors, fire, guns, cars and other artificial impediments to wolf-care.

In conclusion, doggies are interested in following the human health care debate. Coco would like to remind humans that, regardless of the path they take to reform, humans should remember that the doggies should come first.

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