Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where's the Frisbee?

One of my favorite games is a thing called "Where's-the-frisbee?"

To play where's-the-frisbee? you need a frisbee, a human, a field with tall grass (preferrably one adjacent to a field with short running grass) and a short memory.

To play where's-the-frisbee you start with a standard game of frisbee on the short running grass. You work the game so that the field with tall grass is blocked from the human's view.

You coax the human into throwing the frisbee toward the field with high grass. You catch the frisbee like normal. Instead of returning the frisbee, you run into the field with high grass and drop the frisbee somewhere.

You then use your short memory to forget the location of the frisbee.

The game is tail-wagging fun.

The human doesn't know where the frisbee is and will call "Where's the fisbee?"

The dog can bound up and down, back and forth in this direction and that.

The human will just be perplexed because he doesn't know where the frisbee is. The human will keep calling "Where's the frisbee?"

I can play "where's-the-frisbee" for hours ... it is so fun.

Of course, sometimes the frisbee is gone forever.

But that doesn't matter. The contract dogs have with humans states clearly that when a doggie toy is lost or destroyed, the human must replace it.

Humans have an indoor version of "Where's the frisbee?" called "Where are my keys?"

This game isn't quite as fun as "where's the frisbee?"

In playing "Where are my keys?" they human will get ready to go somewhere then frantically start asking: "Where are my keys?"

Humans look really funny when they play "Where are my keys, the friggin' keys. they were in my pocket last, OMG, I am going to be late...."

Humans are funny when they've lost their keys. Still, the game is no where near as fun as "where's-the-frisbee?"

My humans have really bad eyesight. Sometimes they play, "where are my glasses?"

"Where-are-my-glasses?" is a fun game to watch because the humans run into things when they don't have their glasses. It is also really funny when the humans are fumbling around feeling for their glasses when they are in plain sight.

Of course, funny is not the same thing as fun. "Where-are-my-glassess" is no where near as fun as "Where's-the-frisbee?"

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