Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breaking the Flying Disc Habit

Aerobie Dogobie Flying DiscDoc told me to cut back on the frisbee.

Breaking a flying disc habit is easier said than done.

Not a full two days passed and I met a cute young pup playing fetch in the dog park. This pup was playing with an Aerobie Dogobie flying disk.

My human bought one of these this summer. We played with it once, then my human lost it. Can you believe that?

The Dogobie is the best flying disk I've used to date.

Anyway, since this two year old pup was new to fetch, I thought I should ignore the pain and so it how a real frisbee dog fetches frisbee.

After playing frisbee, we played a game of keep the frisbee away from the puppy. Then we played a game of chest buts with a round of my favorite game ... bitey face.

The doc may have me on a glucosomine regimine, but this still has what it takes to be the alpha dog in the pack.

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