Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pet Projects

My Human was all excited about this teaparty thing going on in politics, and even applauded the election of a few teaparty candidates.

I've learned that whenever the humans get excited about something, the doggies better watch out.

Anyway, the scuttlebut is that these teaparty candidates want to stop funding the pet projects of elected officials to save taxpayers money.

I happen to be a pet, and I like the idea of spending money on pet projects.

I am not one of those taxpayer thingies that my human likes so much.

So, I don't like what I am hearing about taking away from pet projects and giving the money back to these taxpayers.

I am almost to the point of saying the dogs should demand the right to vote.

Of course, voting is human work and us dogs don't stoop to human work.

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